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6 Steps To a 6 Figure Online Business… Without The Pain of Rejection!

$10K per month…or more…that’s what I hear is considered “successful” for many people setting out in business for themselves. That sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? That kind of money could afford many people the lifestyle and choices they desire… Like more time with friends, family, their kids and spouse… Going on vacations, eating at nice […]

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Social Media Just Bit Traditional Network Marketing in the @$$!

  I’ve been using the internet, primarily social media, to build my business and my brand for about 6 months now, and the journey so far has been incredible! When I got started, I was so technologically challenged, I didn’t even know how to take a screen shot on my Mac! I’ve come a long […]

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Is Your Company’s Marketing Strategy Stuck In The 90’s?

Well, this is going to be controversial again, but we gotta start talking about this. Let me start off by saying that by no means do I think I have all the answers. Far from it. What I do know is that what I’ve been doing for the last 6 or 7 years has not […]

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Are You Selling Network Marketing, Or Helping People Buy A Solution To Their Problems?

Have you ever spent time showing your network marketing opportunity to someone, and it seemed like everything was going great until it was time to “close the deal”? I’m mean, c’mon…they booked an appointment to sit down with you, there was great conversation getting to know them and what they were looking for out of […]

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How To Easily Dominate Prospecting & Recruiting On Social Media

My Business Grew By Over 1,500 QUALIFIED Prospects In Just 12 Months Using The Strategies In This Blog Post…Is your network marketing journey moving forward the way you thought it would when you first got started? Did you think that most if not all of your friends and family would join you in your journey and […]

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