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How To Use Facebook Messenger To Prospect And Recruit Professionally…The Smart Way

If I told you there were network marketers out there right now who were crushing it with the help of Facebook messenger, would you be interested in how they’re doing it? And when I say “crush it” I mean these network marketers are bringing in leads, who turn themselves into prospects, who eventually convert into […]

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4 Steps to Turn LinkedIn into Your Personal Sales & Recruiting Machine

There are many types of platforms that we as network marketers can leverage to build our businesses, from Facebook to Instagram, YouTube, and even Twitter… But one thing is certain, these things will always be evolving, with different advantages to different platforms. My good friend Gloria McDonald has discovered a niche that you’re going to […]

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How to Determine Your “Unique Selling Proposition” (Even if You’re Brand New!)

What makes your business unique? If you’re not sure, then you might not be setting yourself apart from the competition. Which means you could be missing out on quite a few leads and sales, because other marketers (with a more defined voice) are likely dominating the conversation and monopolizing your potential prospects’ limited attention. So what should you do? Check out […]

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Helium Balloons, Lawn Chairs, and Skyrocketing YOUR Network Marketing Business…

“You’ll NEVER believe this…there’s a guy in a lawn chair attached to helium balloons up here!” That was the call made from a Delta airliner to LAX on July 2, 1982. Could you even imagine? There you are, leaving LAX, and you look out your window, all excited to go on your family vacation or […]

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